Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stream/Download: Two Inch Astronaut - Red Pancake and the Dark Energy

I've sitting on this one for awhile but it's time to introduce you guys to Two Inch Astronaut. The band from Silver Spring, Maryland consists of Sam Rosenberg (guitars, vocals), Daniel Pouridas (bass), and Matt Gatwood (drums, keyboards). Right from the driving opening track, you can tell that these fellas are students of Discord Records and certainly dabbled in Touch and Go. "Tree Ate My House" follows and displays all the strengths of their exploratory songwriting style. It is an exercise in organized chaos with stop and go rhythms, fluttering horns, and winding guitars. "Power Baby" streamlines this approach into something more accessible that you can shout along to line by line. With "Big Suprise (Big Inflatible Guy)", they incorprate a punk rock fury that looks back to Nation of Ulysses for inspiration.

The next two tracks are short and punchy numbers that retain the idiosyncrasies that make Red Pancake and the Dark Energy so intriguing. However, they don't keep things familiar for too long and aren't afraid to branch out. "I Can't Wait" breaks the tension with a gentle acoustic lullaby, which sets up the closing track. "Holes" is the most sprawling and ambitious of the bunch. The gentle wind down and subsequent aggressive break in the second half of the song is the perfect way to wrap up the creative and frenzied release. I suggest you check out these experimental up-and-comers by grabbing the record at their bandcamp. The group also has a split coming out with like-minded Bostonians Grass is Green so definitely keep an eye out for that one. It's a match made in angular guitar rock heaven.

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