Monday, June 25, 2012

Stream/Download: Sand Reckoner - Sand Reckoner

Originally hailing from Bucks County, PA, but currently residing in Boston, Sand Reckoner prove to be a melting pot of rock ‘n’ roll history on their full-length debut. Their smoky riffs and groovy rhythms bring about easy comparisons to The Black Angels, especially on “The Morning Star” with the howling, reverb-drenched wah in it's final moments. What sets Sand Reckoner apart from the aforementioned band is their willingness to diversify their songwriting. There is a heavy folk element that is evident from “Shooting Bullets” and also takes center stage in “The Darkest Dye”. However, they don’t stop at simply integrating folk into their musical concoction. There are elements of psychedelic, blues, surf, and arena rock to be found scattered throughout.

“No One’s in the Veil” is the longest but also most engaging track found on the record. The song blends acoustic guitars with call-and-response vocals before ambushing the listener with swirling distorted guitars. Producer Jim Anderson does an excellent job of bringing these elements together without overwhelming the listener. It’s no surprise since he has worked with big names such as Guns ‘N Roses. Even more notably, he worked with me on my Recording II project back in my ambitious days at Northeastern University. If you have been searching for a trippy blues-rock album, I recommend you stop by their bandcamp and download the release. They will be performing at the Middle East Downstairs with A Place to Bury Strangers, Hunters, MMOSS, The December Sound, and The Fedavees on July 29th.

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