Friday, June 22, 2012

Stream/Download: Elegant Animals - Spectrum Nocturnal EP

Elegant Animals are a Philadelphia-based duo consisting of Jules Kazys on vocals and Brandon Shockley on guitar. Together they create groovy R&B with a seductive nighttime vibe. The bluesy intro to their Spectrum Nocturnal EP sets the scene perfectly through its come-hither bass line and flirtatious guitar. The slinky sound leads seamlessly into "Syndicate", which is the obvious single here. The jazzy guitar line and shuffling rhythms pair perfectly to make one's hips sway. However, the real gem is the title track. This slow-burner has a soaring chorus to die for and a captivating guitar solo that gives the emotive track an extra thrust. The production on these jams utilizes warm keyboards and carefully selected samples to establish an enticing atmosphere.

Other standouts include the stuttering piano ballad "January 66". The lyrical vamp "Some say it was just another dream / But I have it almost every day / How can it be such a common theme / When I see when I'm in disarray" fits the ethereal vibe impeccably. Thankfully, this release leans more towards the classics than the recent wave of "soul-pop". Forget James Black and The Weeknd, this is where it's at. Of all the neo-soul artists, Elegant Animals rise to the top in terms of sheer style. If you are in the market for baby-makin' music, you can do no better. Check out this interview for more insight into their process and their future happenings. Spectrum Nocturnal can be streamed below or you can grab it at their bandcamp. I am also including a stream of their new single "A Ghost". It displays the duo further expanding on their songwriting skills with a compelling string sample and a murky bass groove, proving the EP was no fluke.

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