Monday, January 21, 2013

Stream: Divorce – Divorce

Some bands are loud and then some bands are Divorce. This is not the kind of music that would have your parents screaming "Turn that racket down!"; it is the kind that would have them considering getting you some serious psychiatric help. The Glasgow based experimental noise outfit is - to put it bluntly - downright frightening. There's not many reference points for the band apart from noise-rock pioneers Melt Banana. The mostly female group creates riot grrrl music for girls that want to incite actual riots.

The delightfully titled "Cunts in a Circle" serves as litmus test as to whether or not you can make it through this whole thing. This is one record that does not let up for a second. The buzzsaw riffs rip right through your eardrums in standouts such as the amusing "Aids of Space". Frontwoman Jennie Fulk possesses a demonic shriek that is uniquely brutal and sounds like she was being tortured during the recording sessions for songs like "Bill Murray". The highpoint of the album is "Stabby (Stabby) Stab", a song that exemplifies their willingness to experiment. Over the course of the track, guitars sound off like sirens warning the listener to stay away; meanwhile, an atonal saxophone solo joins the song's industrial pulse. The result is one of the more intriguing tracks to come out of 2012.

"Never Try Anything New at Least Once a Day" is a headbanger that closes that album with some droning riffs analogous to something that would be found on a Melvins album. It is another great example of the odd abrasive appeal this record holds. You'll need to take a breather after getting through this one. Divorce's debut is an aural manifestation of everything dark and disturbing about the human condition. You now have a soundtrack to your nightmares... or a unique way to strip paint from your walls.

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