Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stream: Gross Relations - Gross Relations

Brooklyn five-piece Gross Relations are a lo-fi garage rock band that is equal parts mesmerizing and catchy. After a series of impressive releases including the Come Clean EP and the Fuzzy Timelines 7", the group have finally readied their debut full-length. Much in the way of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gross Relations are rewriting the rules for pop songs, drenching them in layers of distortion and turning them into groovy anthems.

The album is jam-packed with fuzzy little pop gems that hang around three minutes or less. The joyous rumbling of "Shameless" helps define their signature style with prominent keyboard leads. Some songs recall Guided by Voices in their modest but effective approach such as "Out of Reach" and it's "I can't control what's out of reach" introspection. The backing 'oooohs' in "Cut the Final Scene" pair surprisingly well with the gritty guitar tones and tuneful keys to create the record's brightest moment. The album breezes by without much variation but you wouldn't think to question it because every second is so enjoyable. Don't let this one slip under your radar.

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