Monday, January 14, 2013

Stream: Swearin' - Swearin'

When pop-punk favorites P.S. Eliot disbanded, they left a void in the genre that desperately needed to be filled. With former member Allison Crutchfield's new band, Swearin', fans will no longer need to mourn the loss of their previous pop-punk saviors. Along with co-songwriter Kyle Gilbride, Crutchfield helps churn out 12 tracks of fuzzy guitar pop that lies somewhere between The Breeders and The Promise Ring. Swearin' uses both vocalists to great effect. Whether it is Gilbride crooning over the driving "Here to Hear" or Crutchfield taking the reins on the bouncy, palm-muted "Kenosha", the results are equally addicting.

"Just" is where their potential becomes most evident as the "whoa-ohs" ping pong around your headphones during a chorus that will be locked into your head for days. It is one of the most irresistible songs to come out of 2012. Elsewhere, you will find slacker jams or songs to crash on the couch to like the aptly titled "Crashing", which is followed by the relentless fury of "Kill 'em with Kindness". The album is burdened with an overwhelming sense of mid-20's ennui that becomes most apparent on "Empty Head" with it's bare bones guitar-and-vocals structure and melancholy lyrics like "I collect the blurry past into my empty head, and it's sad to want it back, my time again. It's not like anything was better then." With only one track crossing the 3 minute mark, brevity is the only discernible flaw and you can't really even fault them for that. After all, what's so wrong with leaving your audience wanting a little more? Get your fix by streaming below or purchasing at their bandcamp.

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