Monday, January 14, 2013

Stream: Two Humans - "Best Folks"

Before getting into Stereo Typing's belated best of 2012 coverage, I will be posting some records that have caught my attention at the tail end of the year. One of the latest comes from Connecticut band Two Humans, which confusingly consists of three humans. "Best Folks" is the second full-length from the garage pop trio following their impressive debut Good Morning, Chemicals and the Songs for Cats EP. From the first listen, I was reeled in by the simple but memorable songwriting. "No Remorse" is an immediate standout and the perfect example of the group's strengths. In the song, a hip-shaking beat and bubbly bass line carry vibrant vocals that sit comfortably in the mix with the jangly guitar lines.

Each song on "Best Folks" has it's own character. With an exuberant trumpet and swinging rhythm, "I Miss My Legs" has a ska feel to it whereas "Rooftop" has a Beatles-like effortlessness to the song structure and lyrics. The end of "Kitchen Island", where cries of "you might think this lasts forever" are sang over gentle acoustic picking, serves as the album's shining moment. It's the kind of hook that keeps you continually revisiting the album. "Commuter Lot" closes the record in grand fashion bringing back the horns from earlier and pairing them with acoustic guitars and the clever attitude found throughout. Get yourself a copy over at their bandcamp.

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