Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stream/Download: Action Bronson & The Alchemist - Rare Chandeliers [Extended Version]

Action Bronson first made an impact in 2012 with his excellent March mixtape Blue Chips featuring production from Party Supplies, which you can and should pick up for free here. Since he first came onto the scene, Action Bronson has remained extremely prolific with each release more compelling than the last. The Alchemist is no slouch either. In fact, his body of work from 2012 is even more impressive. It includes a collaboration with Domo Genesis, a brilliant effort with Oh No under the guise of Gangrene, a solo record, and an instrumental album. It's amazing that with all this going on, these two artists managed to not only find the time to work together, but also release one of the best hip-hop efforts of the past year that further serves as one of the most effective and memorable collaborations to come out of 2012.

The mixtape plays out like an audio accompaniment to that awesome album cover you see above with Bronson playing the lead in an outrageous exploitation film. His wicked persona is complimented by The Alchemists' clever and diverse beats. "The Symbol" pairs the rapper with a hot guitar riff, "Sylvestor Lundgren" rides a creeping beat with an unforgettable guest spot from Meyhem Lauren, and "Modern Day Revelations" plays the role of the soulful 70's jam. His ability to attack these varied beats with impeccable style is what makes Action Bronson unstoppable.

Everywhere you turn on this mixtape there is another highlight. The gentle piano loop paired with trumpets blaring in reveille on "Bitch I Deserve You" does not go to waste as Bronson uses it as a foundation to get personal with his lethal flow. In the other direction, "Mike Vick" is the pinnacle of savagely funny Bronson wordplay. Head over here to download the extended version for free and indulge in Bronson's outlandish character with The Alchemist's stimulating backdrop.

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