Monday, January 14, 2013

Stream: Geronimo! - Exanimate

Chicago trio Geronimo! had already won me over in 2012 with their EP Buzz Yr Girlfriend: Vol 2 - The Burden of Genius. They returned a few months later with their second full-length, Exanimate, which featured a whole new set of progressive psych-grunge. The three tracks that open the record show them at their most accessible with huge venue-shaking riffs and inescapable hooks. From there, the band seamlessly transition into true progressive rock. "Natural Feeling" occupies the space where psychedelic and gunge meet and contains a sweet solo that winds the song down to it's close.

The second half of the album is where the band really impresses as they branch out into previously uncharted territory. With its fluid, dreamlike guitar line, "Please Come Over" is a haunting number that brings to mind something that would soundtrack a David Lynch film. The following track, "Crushtapher Robin", serves as a hard-hitting segue into album highlight, "Fluxxed". The track begins with guitars that gently ping until it becomes the raw headbanger that you had been waiting for up until this point. Vocalist/guitarist Kelly Johnson seizes the opportunity to let loose with strained vocals and searing licks while drummer Matt Schwerin thunders in the background and keyboardist Ben Grigg amply fills out the rest of the sound to establish their signature groove. With Exanimate, Geronimo! prove they can be progressive without being indulgent and meld their individual talents flawlessly. Stream below and make sure you purchase a copy on vinyl at their bandcamp.

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