Friday, January 18, 2013

Stream: Three Second Kiss – Tastyville

Given my love for 90's math rock icons Polvo and June of 44, I'm ashamed to admit that I have been relatively unfamiliar with Bologna, Italy's Three Second Kiss. Dating back to 1996, the band has been toiling away in the tradition of the aforementioned bands and has produced six albums so far. They have previously worked with producers such as Steve Albini and Ian Burgess, but decided to go it alone for their sixth record, Tastyville. Drummer Sacha Tilotta assumes the recording and mixing duties for this impressive effort. A US tour supporting noise-rock legends Shellac and an appearance at All Tomorrow's Parties helped bring them some US recognition, but after listening to this record, it was clearly not as much as they deserve.

The trio employs the sharp guitar tones of Shellac and effectively mixes them with Polvo's ability to weave complex riffs together. Bass player and singer Massimo Mosca comes up with some pounding rhythms to compliment his spirited vocals. "The Sky is Mine" is as accessible as they are going to get with it's revelations of "I remember I can fly / Over the woods / Over the streams" among a pulsing melody. The song transitions brilliantly into the compelling "A Catastrophe Outside", which features intriguing licks from guitarist Sergio Carlini and shuffling jazz drumming courtesy of Sacha Tilotta.

"Don't Dirty My Heart" is the most sprawling and adventurous track, bursting with thoughtful guitar noodling and exhibiting some of that June of 44 influence. "In Winter, the Sun Shines Over the Bridge" has served as a marvelous soundtrack to watching the snow fall this past week. Amidst the head bobbing beat, the languid bridge is perfect for spacing out to flurries gently falling under street light glow. This type of music requires your full attention but greatly rewards you for giving it. On Tastyville, Three Second Kiss demonstrates better form than most avant-garde rock bands, establishing a less challenging but much more gratifying listen. Find out how to purchase a copy of your own at their bandcamp.

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  1. Three Second Kiss is great. What I heard of this, I really liked.